1. Is the jewelry really made from paper?

A. Yes! All of the jewelry at LCStudios is made with paper.

2. What kind of paper is used?

A. All kinds of paper are utilized, from colored card stock to specialty papers, handmade papers, hand painted papers and more. Almost every kind of paper can be transformed into a component for jewelry making.

3.Where does the resin come in?

A. A non-toxic, clear epoxy resin is mixed by hand and drizzled or "domed" onto the paper shapes. It takes 24 hours for the resin to cure, at which point the piece is flipped and domed on the other side. 24 hours later you have a component or bead. 

4. Why do some of the pieces have what looks like staining?

A. Despite careful sealing of all papers with a gloss acrylic medium, there are times when the paper reacts to the resin, resulting in a darkening of color in several spots. We like it- it reminds us of watercolors and speaks to the maker's mark.

5. Are the pieces really waterproof?

Yes! While prolonged submersion is not recommended, you can certainly wear this jewelry in the pool or shower.