About the Designer:

Hello! I'm Lisa Cullen, founder and resident artist of LCStudios. I started making jewelry after going through an incredibly rough patch in my life - losing my partner, then losing my beloved dogs and finally, losing my home. I was motivated by the incredible strength, wisdom, faith and laughter that so many women I know exhibited in the face of some equally, if not worse, life experiences. I was inspired by them to keep reaching and I was moved to find a way to become a source of support for women going through tough times. Making my jewelry helps me feel empowered and I want to share that with all of you beautiful women out there!

Ultimately, joy is at the heart of our business. It was built on a solid foundation of positive energy, and a desire to bring that positive vibe to you!  We want to remind you every day that, even when you're stressed and overworked, there are signs of joy everywhere and you can carry that reminder with you. We want to lift you up by designing jewelry that brings a smile and inspires you to flaunt your natural beauty. Every piece of jewelry we create is inspired by this. A simple smile may not seem like much in an inevitably difficult world, but it has the power to inspire, move and brighten the day of everyone you meet.

Ready to brighten your day?




"I attended an outdoor sale and came across LCStudios booth which was filled with colorful pieces. I was immediately drawn. I loved all of the beautiful shapes of the earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I finally settled on a necklace. I love to wear the piece; it is very comfortable. I forget that I have it on until someone stops me to say, 'Wow! That is gorgeous!' Thank you LCStudios, I am so happy with my necklace!"  -Barbara W.


"I've always loved stylish costume jewelry. With so many glossy, colorful pieces from LCStudios I can accessorize with a new direction that is always comfortable and chic! The studio seems to have endless design possibilities for shape and color and the jewelry is so well made that I can always add another contemporary element to my collection."  -Judy G.


I love my jewelry from LCStudios! The earrings I have are light, stylish, elegant and fun. Even the big pieces don't overwhelm me and are so lightweight I forget I am wearing them! The clean lines and deep colors are unlike anything else I have seen. I want more! -Jody W. 


Each piece of jewelry from LC Studios is handcrafted with love. Because each piece is made by hand, some irregularities are to be expected. Any irregularity will only appear on the backside of a piece, and will never be visible when worn. The maker's mark is a sure sign that your piece was made by hand.