What Is Your Power Color?

What Is Your Power Color?

The power of color is both emotional and psychological. Color can effect your mood, behavior and thoughts. A certain color has the ability to soothe or to agitate, motivate, empower and heal. "Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body."  -Wassily Kandinski

What is your favorite color? Do you know why you are drawn to it?

Throughout history, color has been used to heal via light therapy, or chromotherapy and is still used today by alternative practitioners.

Color, of course, is used in design and advertising. Tiffany's little blue box and McDonald's golden arches are perfect examples of successful use of color in branding and advertising.

Color and meaning differ across cultures. For example, in the west, white means purity and innocence but in many eastern countries white is a symbol of mourning.

But wherever we are from, whatever the cultural differences may be, the power of color in our lives is undeniable.

We're all familiar with the phrases "green with envy" "in a blue mood" "red with passion" "yellow bellied coward" and more. We ascribe qualities and characteristics to color in our language and in the way we think about things.

How can color positively affect you? It can lift your mood and brighten your day.

Wear your power color for a day and see how you feel. 

At LCStudios it is our passion and delight to design beautiful, wearable art in tantalizing colors to enrich, uplift and empower.

Here's a short guide to color and some of their meanings:

GREEN-freshness, safety, harmony, nature

ORANGE-optimism, independence, adventure

BLUE-truth, wisdom, freedom, calm

PURPLE-imagination, loyalty, spirituality, trust, inner security

BROWN-stability, honesty, comfort, reliability

BLACK-mystery, elegance, power, control

RED-passion, love, danger

PINK-playful,compassion, immaturity

YELLOW-enthusiasm, spontaneity, happiness

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