Uppity Women

Uppity Women

In the 1970's Renee Richards was making news. She was fighting for her right to play women's tennis, suing the United States Tennis Association in order to compete in the women's draw at the U.S. Open. 

She had never been an activist, but so many marginalized communities rallied around her and urged her on, that she realized she needed to help make a difference. 

Renee Richards had left behind her previous life in 1976 when she began to live her authentic life at a time when little was understood about transgender people. She suffered boycotts, media scrutiny, angry opponents and front-page stories full of erroneous information, but she never gave up and went on to prove that anyone fighting social stigmas can hold their head up high.

Brave women around the world and throughout history have forged the paths we tread today. Richards was controversial in 1977 but is celebrated as a pioneer today. It is the courage and fortitude of women like Renee Richards, that we are reminded of when we watch women like Caitlyn Jenner live authentically today. 

Renee Richards demanded "that the Open live up to it's name by forcing the game to welcome anyone with the courage to be herself." - Steve Tignor

We applaud that spirit and that passion! And we support all efforts in the fight for women's rights. 

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