Paper Resin Jewelry

Paper Resin Jewelry

I am humbled and amazed by the incredible work of some paper artists. From sculpture to "painting" to collage and even jewelry, (think paper beads) paper is a versatile medium, that, in the right hands, is transformed and remade into works of art that delight the senses.

I am often asked how I came to design my jewelry line from paper. Many people are familiar with paper beads but my designs don't include traditional paper beads.

I am a collage artist gone a bit rogue, I suppose. Greatly influenced by geometry, architecture, pop art and abstract expressionist art, my designs are flat planes of color and shape - squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, semi-circles, ovals - that shine like glass due to a protective layer of a clear, non-toxic resin.

I can recycle and upcycle almost any kind of paper and the design possibilities are literally endless.

One of the principal characteristics of my paper-resin jewelry is its weightlessness. Truly "light as a feather, all you will feel when wearing it is beautiful.

Paper-resin jewelry is fashion forward and a unique way to add some interest (and some art!) to your look.

Bold pops of color and innovative design elements give your look a contemporary edge.

Once you try paper-resin jewelry you will truly understand how versatile, elegant and fun it is to wear and collect!


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