Our Signature Medium - Paper

Our Signature Medium - Paper

I am fascinated by paper. From it's long history, to the various ways its made to the endless number of things you can do with it, paper is ubiquitous and an essential part of our lives. Even in this, the digital age, we rely on paper for so much, from our currency to our bathroom needs. 

Working as a collage artist, I have, over the years, amassed a fairly large collection of papers. My studio is filled with handmade paper, card stock, specialty papers, rice paper, pages culled from books and magazines, maps and more. 

Making jewelry from paper has been a design challenge, albeit, one I love. Discovering that the addition of a single clear coat of resin resulted in durability was a huge game changer. You are always learning in the studio, trying new things, making prototypes of new designs, working out kinks, etc. This single addition in my process made the paper durable and waterproof. It also resulted in unbelievable shine and an intensification of color and pattern. Our pieces almost glow and have a glass-like sheen. But paper and resin jewelry will not weight you down like glass or porcelain pieces. Paper resin jewelry is so lightweight, when you wear it, all you will feel is beautiful. 

While we face some design challenges there are mostly endless creative possibilities working with these media. Pattern, shape and color combine to create fun, comfortable pieces that will perk up more than just your wardrobe; they will perk up your mood as well!

Isn't it time to make some room in your jewelry box for beautiful, lightweight, fun to wear, paper and resin jewelry? 

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  • Wow, I never would’ve guessed by looking at your jewelry that it was made of paper. Love this!

    Pam | The Beauty Conservator on

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